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The main features


is now one of the fastest growing domestic economic region and its rich history, tradition, culture, preserved nature, cuisine and beautiful picturesque countryside became an especially attractive green excursion and tourist destination. Making a ring around the Croatian capital county has managed to combine modern urbanism and preserve traditional folk customs and values.

Location: north-central part of Croatian
County seat: City of Zagreb


Zagreb County is an administrative unit which is officially under the name, Comitatus Zagrabiensis, founded in 17th August  1759th when she was Empress Maria Theresa gave emblem and signet. The coat of arms is still in use today, and mention the date is celebrated as the Day of the Zagreb County.

County then extended from Zagorje to Krizevci, Sisak, Karlovac, through Gorski Kotar to the sea. This territory has changed throughout history, and in its present borders Zagreb County there from 1 siječnja 1997th

Size and population of the county government for years represented one of the political and development center and its many natural resources and economic potential of playing a key role in the maturation and growing Croatian state we know today.