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Welcome to Elite Contour!

Studio Elite Contour offers its clients a totally different completely individual approach Med2Contour treatment. We listened to a lot of wishes and needs of our clients and we decided with the ultimate body sculpting treatment Med2Contour device enable and superbly decorated and relaxing space where you will feel extremely divine.

What makes us special and completely different from the others is that with Med2Contour body sculpting treatment, at the same price of treatments we provide manual lymphatic drainage and aerobic training, where we want to provide our customers not only the fastest but also the best results ! So , all in one place. Sounds perfect, does not it?

Also, we provide you with complete equipment for aerobic training after treatment (shoes and clothing), which is just your and which awaits the next time you come to Elite Contour.

If you wish , you can also free to consult with our collaborator Dr. Ivo Bajic on nutrition, if you decide to treatments with and reduce your weight.

All of our clients, we have two hours of complete intimacy that is with today's way and pace of life really invaluable.

We believe that taking care of the body is a comprehensive whole that will achieve inner harmony and peace but also an enviable physical shape. Our professional and friendly staff with their advice and experience will motivate you to achieve your desired goal - slim and shaped body!

With special attention will record your progress and ready to answer your questions. Studio Elite Contour - taking care of the body in a completely different way!

Do you now understand why Elite Contour?

Because you 're special!

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