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I was born on 22/07/1965 . in Rijeka and the last 13 years living and working in Zagreb. It all started very early because as a child I showed interest in everything now consider the alternative. As I grew to quite an open family was not an obstacle to develop in a direction that I still live today.

Increased interest for my first big " love " astrology, I showed through high school and for the simple reason because I had a compulsory subject in astronomy . Very quickly intrigued me blend of astrology and astronomy because I somehow was amazing that all these regular rhythms there is something more. I look at the sky told me where I am , from where I'm going , where I'm going. So I went " irreversible " path fascinating world of alternatives and constant upgrading of knowledge.

As I normally adventurous spirit , the next step was the fascination with tarot. Not an easy task if we consider the fact that the Tarot written the whole history of the world . And indeed it is. Still investigating and complements knowledge. Thanks for reading, as well as all those who gave me their confidence and allowed me to help them.

But I would not be me to just stand on it . Years back in my hands came a beautiful little deck of 36 cards . Maps that depict Ms. de Mille Lenormand . Seemingly easy talked to since I had a good deal of knowledge of the tarot . I error , this beautiful deck for me meant the next challenge and a lot of time spent in " piece together the " all that is hidden in them. Today, most often in the work I use these beautiful maps because they are extremely accurate and what is most important with considerable precision determined time.

How to work with people consumes a lot of energy, the next step was to enter the energy techniques that are primarily supposed to serve me. And here I would not be me if I had not moved on to teach energy treatments with techniques that I know.

Precious stones, that less noble, and even plain stone worship. As I saw the convenience of having that amount of crystals and work with them, asked, sought and found the etheric crystals. Fascinating, practical and usable.

In the end, I like to say that I am blessed with two very important things: the wonderful people that surround me and the job I love.

What do I do

  • Astrology
  • Tarot
  • Lenormand tickets
  • Feng Shui
  • Shamballa
  • Ethereal crystals
  • Tachyons

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