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Bubi - beauty salon dogs

Beauty salon dog Bubi works from 1.1.2011. Since then, he prepared a lot of different breeds and provide a lot of different treatments.

It is equipped with top-quality equipment for the care of dogs. Services provided parlor washing, shearing, cutting nails, combing it and damaged skin of the dog.

The owner of the salon Melita Depauli who is also the owner of two dogs is because they were many times in a situation that is due to the lack of lounges and equipment in small towns like the one in which he lives, had they alone monitor and clipped it would otherwise have to travel to the city . So she decided to open a salon in a small sunny village on the sea called Selce and thus the locals and the surrounding area to provide services to them and their pets provide a healthier and more comfortable life.

Please make an appointment before coming to the Mob: 091 / 1672-089

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