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Parenzana Train

Journey through central Istria inspired by history

Live a new experience through a unique ride on a tourist train along the route of historicalParenzana..

Apart from riding through Istrian landscape and visiting magnificent places of central Istria, you will be offered tastings of native dishes and beverages.


The Route of Veli Jože

When we embark on this train journey, accompanied by a recognizable whistle of our conductor, we will take a peek into history and bring local legends to life. Looking at landscapes from our train and riding through tunnels and viaducts, we will feel grander than Veli Jože himself. The legend of Veli Jože takes place in Motovun, probably the most famous and the most attractive Istrian medieval town, which image is one of more famous symbols of Istrian hinterland.

Legends say that Istria used to be populated by many giants who were poisoned by little people out of spite, leaving a giant in every town as their servant. Giants cultivated land, tamed wild beasts and did other difficult chores. Veli Jože belonged to the people of Motovun who did not treat him nicely. Once they would hurt him, the giant would shake the bell tower of Motovun as his greatest revenge. This legend was put in writing by Vladimir Nazor (1876-1949), one of Croatia’s most significant writers. He showed us history and the time of rule of the Republic of Venice via a prism of giants and bell towers. An image remaining in the memory of little and big travellers. Motovun is a target station of our journey starting its route by passing through fairyland hills, wood and vineyards in Vižinada.

The 'Path of Magical Muscat'

The old Roman proverb says: "To get to know a nation – sit at its table, try its food and drink its wine, then you will know what kind of people they are." We also wish to introduce Istria and its people, its tradition and its customs to our foreign guests through wine, but also to recognize huge effort and self-sacrifice which has made Istria a symbol of a top enogastronomic destination. The 'Path of Magical Muscat' programme aims at providing our guests with an unforgettable journey through magnificent Momjan area, with a special emphasis on enology. This area is known for its premium wines, muscat in particular, which will be in the focus of our story.

10:00  Guests gather in front of the 'Marino' Tavern in Kremenje, where they are greeted with a welcome drink and an accordion player performing a repertoire of Istrian songs, providing a true Istrian environment from the very start of the journey. Having boarded, we set off, accompanied by Istrian music, to the Kabola Winery. Estimated time of our ride is fifteen minutes.

10:15 Arrival to the renowned Kabola Winery, a winner of many domestic and foreign awards. Kabola vineyards are primarily located on clay soil, rich in marley, which gives the wines a special taste. Guests will try quality wines, in particular Malvazija Unica and a well-known Momjan Muscat, an indigenous variety of Momjan area, unique in the world primarily due to its location and specific microclimate. Muscat is a dessert wine, perfectly paired with less sweet desserts. Kabola is a well-known winemaker who keeps his wines in amphoras under the ground. His most famous wine called 'Amphora' is stored in such a way. Apart from these magical wines, our palate will be surprised by tastes of homemade delicacies such as Istrian prosciutto and cheese to complete the enjoyment in Istrian products.                                   
11:15 After the tastings at Kabola, the train sets off towards one of the better known Istrian winery – Sinković. The journey takes us along the wine road of Momjan area where guests can enjoy in a beautiful view of vineyards and nature. The view of the vineyards from the train will definitely complement the experience of wine tasting and round up the entire story through which guests will learn about Istria and wine. The ride through a beautiful landscape is about thirty minutes long.

11:45 Arrival at the Sinković family. As the family nurtures a long and rich tradition of wine making, their surname has become a synonym for premium wines in Istria. We start with the visit to the wine cellar, followed by wine tasting of Momjan Muscat in particular. The Sinković family produces dry and semi-dry muscat wines, which difference can be felt in their aroma and on the palate, with their particular refreshing fruity notes.They nurture the tradition of producing grape, wine, brandy, oil as well as fruit and vegetables.  Our hosts are successors of the noble family dating back to 1656. Guest will taste a wide range of products made from liqueurs, brandies, fruit jams and balsamic vinegars and olive oils presented by our hosts. Their farm
guardians are somewhat a surprise, which your cameras will definitely not want
to miss.

12.00  We go on foot to the 17th century San Mauro Church (3 minute walk), located in the close vicinity to the Sinković family estate. The view of the Adriatic Sea and the Savudrija Bay stretches from the viewing platform in the church yard. The newly installed panoramic telescope provides even a better view.

12.15 We arrive to the Prelac Winery (5 minute walk from the church). These wines evoke beautiful memories to all who have tried them. Their wide known Malvasia is full of fruit taste and aroma. The winery owner is especilly proud of his magical muscat, which colour is like a golden nectar, magnificently golden, praising all our senses with its taste and aroma, rightly being called magical. This wine is the reason you are invited to join us on this journey of tasting beauty and a synergy of nature and people.The Prelac family is well known for their olive oil production as well. This heavenly liquid will be presented in a special protocol of olive oil tasting.It is a less known fact that an approach to olive oil can be listed among enologic rules as the wine tasting is.

13:00 Departure from Prelac Winery. Train ride to Marino Tavern in Kremenje.The ride is 20 minutes long.

13:20 Arrival to Marino Tavern and bus boarding. The end of our journey will be completed by our accordion player who rides together with our guests and entertains them with his music.

Let the Path of Magical Muscat stay magical in your memories.

Price: 260,00 kn

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