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Bioenergetics Nikolaus

 As  a  well-know  healerand  bioenergist,  I  offer you my help by using parapsychology.  After  I  estabilish  a  connection  with  your  aura, I  am  capable  of discovering negative energy, ghost/demon sin your house, underground water, diseases  and  especially  cancer  in its first stage. Apart  from  discovering  these  things, I  offer  you remedy  and  protection  so  you  would  know  how  to  deal  with  them. I  don´t  ask   for  money  for  these  services  and  it´s  up  to you  to  decide  if  you  would  like  to  pay  me  a  certiam  amount  of  money  or  not. It  all depends  on your  good will  and  satisfaction  based  on our  cooperation.

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