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Welcome to AlterNatura, the tourist agency on the island of Vis, derived from the Paragliding club KALEB from Komiza in 2001, experience NATURE: i.e. the nature of the island of Vis, open sea islands and the local waters of Vis, in the ALTERnative way.

Alternatura is the first and most important provider of adventure tourism on the island of Vis, with programs based on the interpretation of natural and cultural heritage.

Over the past eleven years tourist agency Alternatura grew into respectable adventure holiday travel agency known for its creativity and passion in traditions, nature of our island and adventure activities.

In AlterNatura team are local people who grew up on the island, outdoor sport enthusiasts and nature lovers who have passion in sharing it all with you! We want to introduce you to authentic local traditions and customs, natural phenomena and people, without which the island would not be what it is. Together we will find out why the World Wide Fund for Nature ( WWF) has
declared the island of Vis one of the last jewels of the Mediterranean.

Our tour begins with hiking and kayaking, rock climbing and abseiling and continues with paragliding, sailing on traditional fishing boat “Gajeta falkusa” on lateen sail and caving in the Queen’s Cave near Okjucina! From the most fishing place on the Adriatic, you will sail to Bisevo, to Brusnik and Svetac, all the way to Palagruza and Jabuka.

And the history of Vis?
 Volcanos, caves, Ionnius, Diomedes, Dionysius of Syracuse, Issa, Plato, Teute, Julius Caesar, The Benedictines, Pope Alexander 3rd, Venice, English on the Adriatic, Governer Robertson, young Nelson, Cricket club, Napoleon, George 3rd, Franz Joseph, Tito, Churchill, commandos, RAF… there’s no other island in the Adriatic with stories like these, told in the way of, maybe, Ionnius way or Teute tours! We will show you fortresses,
underground labyrinths, former military bases, airport, a great archaeological museum at Vis.

We will bring you back to fundamental values, that have became an alternative in this modern world, like: a host, a fireplace, fire, home cooking, a donkey, a goat, a kayak, flying, sailing, hiking, children, quiet, birds.

Each day is planned the evening before, giving you the ultimate flexibility to enjoy activities in the very best conditions. You will be the part of the group of 12 people maximum and we are not restricted to the normal schedules, we can be flexible according to your wishes.

Tourist agency AlterNatura is a member of The Community of Adventure Tourism in CCE (Croatian Chamber of Economy), our guides are active members of The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (GSS) , Hum HPD ( The Croatian Mountaineering Society Hum) and The Voluntary Fire Department Komiza.( DVD Komiza) .We participate in the rescue at sea (EMERGENSEA) .

At the moment we are running the project Construction of traditional fishing boat Falkuša, development and marketing of eco –touristic offer based on Falkuša.

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