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Man has always moved the border. Driven by curiosity, even in ancient times, immersed in the depths of the sea and discovered the blue world where we all once belonged. Nowadays provided us with a chance that the same world, in a safe manner, but also to introduce new generations to preserve. Diving center " Draulik ", led a team with this motto, will give you a wonderful underwater adventure that will remain a part of you forever.

Draulik founded Petronije Tasić diving instructor CMAS I3 2005th year, and previously led the dive center on the island of Hvar for five years.
Petronije is qualified nitrox and trimix instructor and very experienced cave diver who has participated in many research projects and underwater caves.
Petronije specialties are cave diving rescue and rescue at great depths in the CMRS in whose longtime prominent member.

The center is located on the island of Brac in town of Milna, as of this year, all diving services and provides a picturesque Sutivanu under the leadership of former Croatian Vedran Jutronić state recorder in deep freediving, Runner- state underwater skills, today divemaster CMAS R3 diving center Draulik.

The island of Brac is rich dive sites such as the beautiful caves in the harbor, a series of wrecks, archaeological sites, many underwater walls and many others.

Diving center " Draulik " offers an unforgettable experience of the underwater world through sport and recreational diving, discovery or trial diving, night diving, cave diving, wreck diving, archaeological sites and the training of divers CMAS by R1, R2 and R3 categories.
In addition to the diving center Draulik can experience the discovery apnea diving where your manager Vedran Jutronić to share my years of experience in freediving.

Diving with Draulikom you will have the opportunity to discover the secret of the Adriatic, which for centuries hide this magnificent island. Let it be just you.

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