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Enjoy a 4-hour adventure on the most beautiful parts of the river Mrežnica which has an abundance of cascades and waterfalls, some of them up to 10 - 12 meters. Equipped with all the necessary gear (life-vests, small storage containers for personal belongings) you can go rafting in boats for 6 persons and canoeing in boats for 3 persons, with the guidance of an experienced skipper. LEGS for boating down the river are divide in 3 sections:

Each leg is in its own unique way beautiful and unforgettable. Going down the river taking any of the three legs we encounter 15 to 20 cascades, as well as various spots for taking a break and going for a swim. Rafting and canoeing down the river take about 4-5 hours, after which you are welcomed on the river bank with cold drinks and our delicious food (prepared in a traditional steamer).
The PRICE for legs 1 and 2 is 250 kn per person.
The PRICE for leg 3 is 200 kn per person.

CHILDREN (age >14) get a 30% discount.
DISCOUNT for groups (more than 12 people).

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