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Buffet " Porat " restaurant, located in an attractive area of Unesco th town of Trogir. Located on the shore of beautiful Trogir waterfront along the south gate was built in 1593 the old Roman city walls. At the gates are preserved today wooden doors from that era.

Buffet " Porat " is located between the two towers, Romanesque western and eastern - tower Vitturi Gothic- Renaissance style in the monastery of Benedictine nuns  nuns) ie the Church of St. Nicholas, which keeps the relief of the Greek god Kairos - god happy moment from the fourth / third century BC.

Štekan buffet " Porat " right in front of the "little boxes " from the 16 - century, according to tradition intended to shelter those who arrive late after the closing of the city gates.

In addition to attractive locations buffet " Porat " has a magnificent view of the blue ora whose wave gently rocking romantic luxury yachts and sailboats. The view goes back to the beautiful stone bridge that connects the city islet of Trogir from Ciovo.

So be sure to visit us and our friendly and professional staff will expose you to the rich gastronomic offer ready-made meals and a la carte dishes, Mediterranean and other delicacies with a selection of premium wines at affordable prices.

You will feel fresh morning on our terraces and in the quiet of the afternoon under the awnings with refreshments from the sea with our mistral.
At dusk and night buffet " Porat " restaurant has a special charm when the waterfront Mediterranean " dynamics of " art and music events and a fireworks display of colors, lights and smells.

Here the romantic candlelit tables and hand-knitted lace and plenty of vintage items will make you feel comfortable and relaxed with the scents and colors of flower arrangement of Mediterranean herbs.

Come to us, we are pleased to accommodate you!
Joyfully we are waiting for your arrival!

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