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Oranž Band

Sibenik band received valuable recognition Croatian Music Union - Branch of Sibenik and ten years of continuous operation.

This is a band made up of Orange Mate Anic, Marta Pallas Cinotti, Christian Grbelja, Neven Cukrov and Tomislav Grubelić.

Ten years of the band behind left several festival appearances, numerous gigs, performances at the country club, weddings, and the audience did not owe not a few of their own copyright works. It's a song from one of the festival, with Sibenik Chanson their biggest hit.
- The song 'Just you' is the biggest success so far. Enough is spinning in the airwaves across the Croatian.

For Orange is important to mention that the band members are not changed from the very beginning.
They began as a rock band in 2000 when they played at clubs in Sibenik. At that point no one had in mind that this is something serious. And now, ten years later we can say that the Orange one small institution that practically live. It's like some kind of a small company, as all mutually engaged in more fields.

Mate Anic acknowledges that the band now has a far more serious intentions than they had at the beginning of his career, and that there are great ambitions like those of his own album.

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