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House Toić offers accommodation for 12 persons. It is divided into 3 higly comfort apartments for 2 persons with air-conditions and TV/SAT and into 2 big bedrooms for 2 or 3 persons with hughes bathrooms. Bedrooms with bathrooms can be connected with apartments into one accommodation unit. It has own parking.
It is about 400m of distance from center of old town Cres or from first nice beach. It takes about 5 minutes by foot. The market is about 70m and so is the first restaurant. There are lot of good restaurants in Cres. Cres also has disco and live music on the beach so jung people can enjoy their night life. The beaches are made of little stones or of the rocks and are very situable for small children or nonswimmer. 

House Merag is a real example of agrotourism. It offers accommodation for 10 people. It can be whole house one accommodation unit or it can be devided into two parts: House for 6 persons and apartment for 2 till 4 persons. It is situated near by the sea and has a beautifull view on little harbor and it is sorounded by the forest. It takes only 1 min or less to get to the beach (cca 50m). House has 3 hughes teraces.     Merag is village near by the ferry (about 1km of distance). It is souranded by the wood so mornings and nights are not so hot. It is ideal if you want to spent quait holidays to refill your bateries. The first market store is in town of Cres.

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